Soulistic Face Mists are an essential part of a natural daily facial care routine!

Plant-based toners, especially hydrosols, make the best facial toner.

Pure floral hydrosols, a.k.a. plant distillates are delicate, healing plant waters that contain all the skin healing qualities of the distilled herb. By spritzing them directly onto your freshly cleansed skin your skin will absorb the healing constituents for a remarkable improvement in skin texture, appearance, and health. Hydrosols help tone the skin, tighten pores, balance the natural pH, and hydrate the tissues without any drying or irritating effects.

Use daily immediately after cleansing for these amazing and beautifying results!

Other uses: Hydrosols also make a great aromatherapy spritzer to use throughout the day, for a quick rejuvenating spritz and to freshen the air in your surroundings. At night, you can spritz some on your pillow for the soothing and calming aromatherapy benefits of these healing hydrosols.
Wonderfully refreshing to use!