Our soy candles come in a range of stylish glasses.  We have two categories of fragrances.

Fragrance –   These fragrances are made of a combination of natural and synthetic materials and, unlike some inferior products, our fragrances do not contain any phthalates, paraffin or UV inhibitors. Any synthetic materials are highly purified and the essential base oils and naturally-derived ingredients are distilled or purified as well. We are committed to sustainable business through sourcing products that are economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally sound. Our fragrances are not, and never will be, tested on animals.

Essential Oil – a natural way to add scented style to your space. We use only 100% essential oils for our unique, artisan blended aromas. No synthetic scents, phthalates, or artificial chemicals of any kind. This makes them suitable for discerning individuals who prefer an entirely ecological, sustainable scent.  With essential oil soy candles, not only are you getting the wonderful aroma of essential oil but also the therapeutic qualities.