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mandarin essential oil -  favourite remedy for children, very gentle, use for stomach upsets, acne, dull skin, insomnia, scars and stress.
manuka essential oil -  powerful antibacterial and anti fungal oil.
manuka honey -  a natural antiseptic, New Zealand manuka honey contains minerals, vitamins and enzymes to aid healing. It is a humectant and helps draw moisture to the skin.
manuka hydrosol -  powerful antibacterial hydrosol. Useful in the treatment of skin conditions such as acne (certified organic).
marula oil -  moisturising properties, will improve skin hydration, skin smoothness and reduce redness (certified organic).
meadowfoam oil -  a cold pressed oil that is rich in vitamin E and offers antioxidant activity (certified organic).
melon seed oil -  melon seed oil is known to be a light, non-greasy oil, which is easily absorbed into the skin (certified organic).
menthol crystals -  menthol crystals are produced through mint essential oil extraction, the oil is quick frozen and the menthol crystallizes out