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roman chamomile essential oil -  Helps relaxation and restful sleep. Is used for various digestive disorders and especially good for painful menstrual periods. It is also used for pain and swelling in joint (rheumatic) disorders.
roman chamomile hydrosol -  a major anti-inflammatory, reasonably antiseptic and antibacterial. Ideal for sensitive, inflamed problem skin. It is both softening and astringent
rosehip oil -  rosehip oil is extremely high in essential fatty acids and is known to help treat dry, irritated, weathered skin (certified organic).
rosemary essential oil -  brain stimulant, improves memory, good for rheumatic pain (certified organic).
rosemary oil -  Infused oil of rosemary makes a fabulous massage oil for sore muscles, backaches and will soothe arthritis pain (certified organic).