Electric Aromatherapy Burner – White


A safe effective way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy in your home or work place.

Safe – no naked flame

Economical – costs less than a light bulb to run

Easy – plug in, turn on, add 10 drops of Pure Essential Oil(s). Do not add water.

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Electric Burners are designed to maximize the efficiency of Essential Oils operating at a constant minimal temperature and eliminating the need to add water. The top of the vaporizer bowl is the only part to emit heat; the body of the burner always remains cool to touch and is safe to handle even when electrical power is turned on. When left on continuously the burner will not overheat and no harm can occur even if all the Oil has vaporized. There is no residual burning aroma after the essential oil has been vaporized and these are very economical to run costing no more than a standard light bulb.  Fantastic for

  • For children/adults with colds (good in their bedrooms).
  • To deodorise your home.
  • To help you relax and unwind.
  • For use in the office to help you concentrate.
  • For use when you are around potentially unwell people, e.g. home, hospital, school, offices, childcare, etc.
  • To simply create a nice atmosphere.


Simply plug in, place 8-10 drops of Pure Essential oils into the top recess and enjoy the therapeutic benefits and lovely aroma.

The vaporiser will take up to 15 minutes to reach full temperature. Depending on the essential oils chosen the aroma will last from 1 – 6 hours. The therapeutic benefits will last longer.  You can leave the vaporiser on all the time.

This vaporiser is designed to be used with Pure Essential Oils only. The type of oil used will affect the vaporiser performance, the aroma and the therapeutic benefits.  Do not use carrier oils or water with the vaporiser.

Cleaning: Simply plug in for at least 15 minutes to allow the oil residue to warm up. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. To remove stubborn residue use Eucalyptus essential oil on a damp cloth or even nail polish remover if it is really dirty.

Dimensions: D13.5cm x H7cm


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