Ylang ylang


Keep a bottle of our ylang ylang pulse point and throughout the day apply to your wrists, tub together until you feel a slight warmth building, pause, and take a few deep breaths to calm and relax. You can keep a bottle by your entry hall to inhale as you come home to transform the busy energy of the day into a calm, uplifted state.


Our aromatherapy pulse point roll-on range, allows delivery of the essential oils in a convenient and discreet manner – ideal for keeping in your bag or pocket and applied when required.  The roller applicators are ready to roll and safe to apply directly to the skin any time anywhere bringing the healing powers of aromatherapy to the user throughout the day.  Simply apply to the pulse points at the temples and wrists, and benefit from the therapeutic action of each unique essential oil blend.

INGREDIENTS: jojoba oil, rosehip oil, ylang ylang essential oil


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