Soulistic Signature Facial at Puhoi Beauty

We are pleased to announce that Puhoi Beauty is now stocking our amazing Skin Care Range and has designed a Signature Facial!   I went along this week to experience the facial and what an absolute treat it was!

After a consultation about my skin concerns (at my age, it’s awkward as spots and wrinkles don’t usually go together!), but with Michelle’s advice we choose the Purify Range!

Then I was wrapped up nice and warm with heat bags placed on just the right spots to totally relax me.  The facial started with a wonderful cleansing massage on my face using the Cleansing Balm, bliss!  This was followed by an exfoliation and then an aromatic infusion with steam which smelled divine, it really brought out all the gorgeous smells of the tee tree hydrosol, manuka hydrosol and essential oils in the facial mist.  After applying a face mask, I was then treated to a foot massage, again pure bliss!  I am sure at this stage I had to be woken as I was away with the fairies.  Finally, the application of the facial oil, again with a relaxing massage on my face.  Once the treatment finished I touched my face… it felt so smooth and glowing.

I leave Puhoi Beauty with a perky face, feeling all chilled and happy!  Later that day I’m down at the Puhoi Store grabbing a coffee and a friend spots me and straight away stares at me and says, “What’s happened to your face?”

“What do you mean?!” My fingers fly to my cheeks in alarm – what terrible thing has this new facial done to me? A rash? Spots? Is my face literally MELTING?

“Nothing – it just looks…well…it looks kind of …glowy.”

Now that is the kind of compliment I love to hear!






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