How to use your Face Oil Correctly

I love facial oil and have been using them in my skincare routine for many years now.  Are you a seasoned facial oil user? Or are you new to using facial oils? Whichever group you belong to, do you want to know the best way to use facial oil? If your answer is yes, read on.

First off, let’s start by addressing this question: how do you know if you’re even using your facial oil correctly?
Here are some hints: If your face feels tight and dry after applying your facial oil, or your face oozes oil an hour or so after you’ve applied it, you’re not applying your oil correctly. If this is your experience with facial oil, you are probably sceptical about claims that using facial oil results in radiant and rejuvenated skin. Perhaps you’re thinking that facial oil isn’t suitable for you or are wondering if facial oils are only suitable for specific skin types.
The answer to all that is no. Anyone can use facial oil. Yes, even those with oily skin because the main benefit of facial oils is moisturizing–something needed by all skin types. A quality face oil will replenish your skin with the essential fatty acids and moisture it needs. When balance is restored those overactive sebaceous glands take a break, leaving skin healthier and clearer.
So how can you reap optimal benefits from using facial oil? The key is to use it the right way.
The thing with facial oils is: few come with clear instructions on how to use them effectively. Some even suggest that you just apply them after cleansing your face and applying your toner.
But what most of the instructions don’t tell you is that you should keep your face moist before applying your facial oil. That’s the correct way to apply face oil. The reason? Oil locks moisture, and prevents moisture from evaporating. This is why moisturizers are formulated with water and oil.
If you have been applying oil on your face without using a facial mist first, you’ll find your skin feeling dry. In fact, you will find it so hard to apply the oil in the first place.

Apply on moist skin

Always apply your facial oil when your skin is slightly damp, ideally with a facial mist. Note that your skin should not be so we that the skin cannot hold the oil.
You can mist your face with a spray and then pat your oil on top.

Pat don’t Rub
And here is another tip! “Rubbing” any product into your skin is ill-advised—not only does this approach pull at the skin, but the product won’t get a chance to sink in and fully absorb the way that it should. This is especially true of oil, which is only effective when the skin is able to drink it up. The best way to apply it is by first warming a few drops of oil between your hands before gently pressing it onto your face until it absorbs. Literally hold your hands on your face for a few seconds, as the heat helps the oil to ‘melt’ and absorb more deeply into the skin.
Remember though introducing a rich and pure natural skincare oil to your skin is the equivalent of detoxing your digestive system! As such you may experience an initial spot or two as your skin detoxes. You will find that within a month your skin has adjusted to the superior moisturising and nourishing qualities of the oil. Your skin will appear fresher and more hydrated, with a lovely dewy glow.


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