Should You Be Using A Face Cloth In Your Skin Care Routine?

When we designed our calendula cleansing balm we started looking into the best way to remove the balm once massaged into the skin.  We looked at all the different face cloths on the market, but our research gave us some alarming results.

A wash cloth that is left wet after use can accumulate millions of bacteria and harbor mould in a matter of minutes. This is mainly due to the damp, hot environment they live in after they’re used. Bacteria multiply remarkably fast and usually within 20-30 minutes. So, you can imagine after 24 hours the growth of these bugs.  These bacteria can easily be introduced into your skin during your cleansing routine, resulting in infection, acne or even illness — and is even more likely if you’re using the washcloth firmly to exfoliate.  So, unless you’re laundering your wash cloth daily, chances are you’re spreading germs over your face every time you cleanse.

And that’s not the only issue.  Using a wash cloth can also cause friction and irritation if you’re prone to skin conditions like rosacea, acne, or eczema.

So, we asked Michelle from Puhoi Beauty her advice and she showed us these amazing disposable woven bamboo cloths with the following advice.

“Disposable woven bamboo cloths are all the rage at the moment. People love them because they are extremely soft to use on your skin, yet they can deeply cleanse because of the woven texture. To use them, simply massage in the Soulistic Cleansing Balm, wet the bamboo cloth, and wring out the excess water, and then wipe off the cleanser using upward and outward strokes across the face. The bamboo cloths are really strong and flexible and can be used on any area of the body. “

When you purchase one of our calendula cleansing balms they come with 5 of the Diva Wipes.  We also sell a box of the wipes which contains 70 disposable bamboo cloths costing less than 50 cents per sheet. The bamboo cloths are really strong and flexible and can be used on any area of the body which also makes them ideal for travelling or camping.


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